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130101 Incheon Airport to 131231 Shanghai Oriental Countdown Concert
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sexy baek ( ̄ω ̄;)


cute Kyungsoo.

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[Predebut] One of Kyungsoo’s past teachers, who taught at Baeksuk High for 5 years, was questioned about him at the new school she transferred to. She was surprised when the students knew about Kyungsoo because she didn’t know he’d already debuted. (This was before EXO even made a comeback with “Wolf.”) She said that he was only a trainee when she was at Baeksuk High. When asked about her general impression of Kyungsoo as a student, she commented that he was really cute (personality-wise). During his first and second year, he was slightly conflicted about which career path to take. But at this time, he was getting constant contacts/”casting” offers from SM, and it was only ‘til the end of his second year/the beginning of his third year that he finally auditioned. After he got into SM, he only stayed in school for his first and second period classes, so she didn’t see him around much. The subject she taught was literature and she’d half-jokingly scold him, time to time, about his grades like, “Kyungsoo, are you seriously going to take your exams like this?” Kyungsoo would then cutely whine, going “Ahhh~~~~,” and ask her to let him off easy. “Teach, I can show you my dancing if you wanna see~~” The teacher said that Kyungsoo was generally liked by his teachers for being polite and clever. After her students showed her his post-debut photos, she commented that he lost weight but otherwise, he looks exactly the same. She also said that she thought he was a cute and handsome kid back then but she had other students at Baeksuk High who were as good-looking! She then unintentionally brought up his girlfriend’s name because she was wondering aloud, “But doesn’t Kyungsoo have a girlfriend? Did SM go into management (managing his personal life)? Did they break up?” She mentioned that his girlfriend was very pretty and was a dancer. The two were simply friends but grew closer after depending on each other during hard times, and they naturally started dating.


(The girlfriend his teacher mentioned is the one from his predebut letter to his brother, translated here.)

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140410 | Airport (Gimpo to Japan) | Credit: Aiolos


140410 | Airport (Gimpo to Japan) | Credit: Aiolos

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wandering eyes
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